10 Healthy Foods You Can't Overdo...

on March 10, 2023
10 Healthy Foods You Can't Overdo...
People often fall into such a misunderstanding: eat more healthy food, people will be healthier. However, is this really the case?
Even if it is healthy and nutritious food, you should not eat too much. Once the excess is too much, the healthy food will endanger your health.
Here are 10 healthy foods you can't overeat...
1) Tomatoes
May cause hyperkalemia.
2) Pineapple
prone to allergies.
3) Tea
Will hinder iron absorption, and even cause anemia.
4) Coffee
Mild caffeine poisoning: irritability, anxiety, irritability, palpitations
5) Vinegar
Strong acid food containing about 6% acetic acid, the nutrition is mainly starchy. Excessive corrosion of epithelial tissue, softening bones. The appropriate amount can remove fishy fibers, sterilize and strengthen the liver.
6) Soybeans
Rich in estrogen (isoflavones), long-term consumption of large amounts may lead to endometrial hyperplasia
7) Spinach
High in oxalic acid, which may cause kidney stones.
8) Animal lean protein
The body produces the insulin hormone in excess
9) Chili
Too much capsaicin will strongly stimulate the gastrointestinal mucosa and disrupt digestive function.
10) Eggs
It is indeed not suitable for adults to eat eggs every day. It is more appropriate to eat an egg every other day, that is, 2 to 3 eggs a week. Do not eat raw eggs, eggs should be eaten fully cooked.
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