19 Good Habits of Becoming Beautiful

on December 02, 2022
19 Good Habits of Becoming Beautiful
1. Insist on exercising, jogging or brisk walking every day
2. Insist on going to bed at 11 o'clock every day
3. Fix your eyebrow shape and choose the one that suits you
4. Don't walk on your back, pay attention to your own money
5. Drink plenty of hot water
6 .Develop the habit of soaking your feet every day
7. Pay attention to sun protection, go out with umbrellas to shade the sun
8. Tooth irregularities should be corrected with braces
9. Breathe through your nose without your mouth
10. Drink grains for breakfast and make yourself rosy
11 .Jump rope to lose weight, the effect is obvious
12 .Do more stretching exercises to increase flexibility
13. Get up in the morning with a glass of honey water
14. Frequent pinching of the mountain root The nose will become taller and stiffer
15. Insist on applying hand cream to make a hand mask, and the hand is the second face of the girl
16 .Put on a little light makeup every day, there are no ugly women, only lazy women
17 .Wash your hair with vinegar in warm water to make it softer
18 .Wash your face with warm water
19. Do not tilt your feet
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