5 Causes of Hair Loss, What Exactly Causes Your Hair Loss?

on December 02, 2022
5 Causes of Hair Loss, What Exactly Causes Your Hair Loss?
1/ Normal metabolism
There are fallen hairs, there are also grown hairs, but also maintain a balance of total, everyone will lose hair every day, this is a normal metabolism!
According to studies, the life of hair is generally 2-6 years, as long as the hair loss is within 100 per day, it is a normal metabolism and will not cause hair loss.
2/ Hereditary causes
Genetic factors are the main factor in the hair loss of many young people today. Genetic factors are not formed in a short period of time, but first from the hair to thinning, fine and soft, to the local area of the hair fully become villi to the final baldness, is a very obvious manifestation of hair loss
We think about it with our experience in life: some people stay up late every day, the rules of life are a mess, but they don't lose their hair; some people have very good living habits and perfect physical fitness, or they will lose their hair seriously. Why, exactly? Now you should know why, and that genetics are at work!

3/ Endocrine causes
Mental stress, depression, depression and other mental states will lead to hair loss, people's mental factors will actually greatly affect the balance of endocrine, these tiny hormones will affect all aspects of the human body, and hair is one of the most sensitive places, such as alopecia areata is often caused by mental factors.
Irregular work and rest, excessive fatigue can also lead to hair loss, because this kind of behavior is also a destroyer of endocrine. We often say that staying up late will cause hair loss, why stay up late will lose hair? Because staying up late has a very large impact on the human endocrine, it will also cause many organ function disorders, and it is not surprising that the whole body is moved by a hair loss
4/ Nutritional reasons
Remember a point is correct - "disease from the mouth in", here there are two extremes, one is malnutrition caused by hair loss, such as some people are partial to food, nutritional imbalance; some people in order to lose weight, the intake of nutrients is seriously insufficient, the formation of hair loss; the other extreme is overnutrition, such as obese people are prone to hair loss, hair oil is the body saturated fatty acids in the body after metabolism to produce waste, hair if the hair is in an oily environment for a long time, hair loss will also be aggravated. The recommended foods for patients prone to hair loss are low-fat meats, such as beef and chicken, rather than pork, and fruits, vegetables and nuts are also a great addition. If you feel that you are deficient in vitamins, it is also possible to directly take in some vitaminSB2 and vitamin B6
.5/ Causes of external stimuli
For example, often working in places with radiation, often working outdoors, dust, chemical environments, etc., will lead to hair loss; often perm hair coloring, tight braids, infrequent washing of hair and other factors will lead to hair loss. For young people, perming and dyeing hair, especially with inferior hair dyes, is very harmful to hair, and some people will never even be able to regain the appearance of their previous good hair.
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