5 symptoms indicate that blood sugar is too 😱 high

on December 02, 2022
5 symptoms indicate that blood sugar is too 😱 high
Symptoms of high blood sugar:
Symptom 1: Fatigue
There are many reasons for the lack of strength in the body, but if the body feels tired and unenergetic all day, the lower body, waist and knees, and the two calves are particularly weak, then it is necessary to pay attention to, it may be high blood sugar.
Symptom 2: I always feel very hungry
People with high blood sugar are more obvious characteristics are easy to feel hungry, which is mainly due to the body's sugar is discharged with urine, blood sugar can not be sent into the body's cells, a large amount of glucose is lost, resulting in insufficient cell energy, cell sugar deficiency stimulation signal continues to pass into the brain, so that the brain sends out "hunger" signal.
Symptom 3: Frequent urination, excessive urination
People with high blood sugar, not only the number of urination will increase, the amount of urine will also increase, 24 hours of urination can reach more than 20 times, the amount of urine can reach 2-3 liters to 10 liters, and the foam of urine is more, and the urine stains are whitish and sticky. Polyuria is due to an increase in blood glucose, exceeding the renal glucose threshold (8.9 to 10 mmol/l), and there is a lot of sugar in the urine, so the number of urine and the amount of urine increase.

Symptom four: very easy to thirst
Excessive urination will lead to a decrease in water in the body, when the total amount of water in the body is reduced by 1 to 2%, it will cause the excitement of the thirst center of the brain and produce the physiological phenomenon of wanting to drink water and extremely thirsty.
Symptom five: the amount of food increased sharply but became thinner
People with high blood sugar have high blood sugar, glucose can not be well absorbed and utilized by the body but a large amount of loss from the urine, so the body can only provide energy by decomposing fat and protein, which may lead to whole body wasting, fatigue, and decreased immunity.
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