6 Benefits of Inca Fruit

on December 02, 2022
6 Benefits of Inca Fruit

1. Beneficial to the skin: The fatty acids in inuga fruit oil play a role in keeping the skin soft and elastic, so it has the effect of helping skin to maintain smoothness and skin smoothness. The antioxidant vitamin E contained in inuga fruit oil helps the body produce collagen, and can improve skin acne problems, reduce inflammation and tighten pores.

2. Can be used as a hair protector: Inca fruit oil is a good natural hair conditioner because it contains a large amount of omega-3, which can lock in moisture to help keep hair shiny, so that frizzy hair can be restored to suppleness, while also reducing scalp irritation, achieving antitussive effect.

3. Improve diabetes: Because diabetics have difficulty balancing insulin and glucose concentrations in the body, and the high content of omega-3 in inca can improve insulin sensitivity to help regulate blood sugar concentration and play a role in preventing diabetes.

4. Keep the brain healthy: Fat is an important component of the brain, so the intake of unsaturated fatty acids that can be converted into essential fatty acids is very important for brain health care, and the unsaturated fatty acid content of Inca is very high, which helps to maintain brain health and may avoid the problem of dementia.

5. Helps with sleep: In the aforementioned study, it was found that inca fruit contains tryptophan, this amino acid can increase the release of 5-carboxytryptamine, which in turn helps with serotonin synthesis related to well-being, so it can help promote rest and relaxation as well as well-being. In addition, inca fruit oil also contains a large amount of magnesium, which helps to improve night sleep.

6. Weight management: Ingredients containing tryptophan can help regulate appetite, while fiber and protein can maintain a sense of fullness for a long time, so it is helpful for weight management.

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