Bad manifestations of the liver

on February 11, 2022
Bad manifestations of the liver
The liver is an important organ of the body, and it is also a relatively fragile and disease-prone organ. The main liver drains, smooths the whole body qi machine, so that the operation of the organ meridian qi is smooth and unimpeded, once the liver has a problem, it is easy to appear liver disease face.
In fact, some signals sent by the body can help us judge the quality of the liver, if the following signals appear, it means that you need to nourish the liver.
Several major manifestations of a bad liver (bad liver, four parts will be blackened. )
1. Face color
The liver plays an important role in the metabolism of iron, if the liver cells are destroyed, the iron in the liver cells will flow into the blood vessels, so that the iron content in the blood increases, resulting in a blackened face. This symptom is most likely to appear in men and women after amenorrhea. Therefore, when there are signs of blackening, we must be vigilant about whether the liver is damaged, and we must protect the liver in time. eye
Some patients with liver disease have a particularly pronounced grayness around their eye circles, somewhat like "panda eyes". There is pigmentation around the orbit. Dark circles are the external manifestations of some chronic diseases, such as chronic liver disease, especially long-term abnormal liver function, and dark circles often exist for a long time in patients with hepatomegaly. About 20% of patients with liver disease have pigmentation in the area of leakage, such as the face and around the orbit, showing "dark circles".
3.Nail dark spots
The nails of healthy people, due to the adequate blood supply, should be flesh pink, the surface is round and smooth, the thickness is moderate, the shape is smooth and smooth, there are no vertical and horizontal grooves, and there are no spots. Dark spots appear on the nails, indicating that there is a disorder of blood circulation, there may be tumors, gangrene, it is recommended to go to the hospital for further examination.
Bad manifestations of the liver
4.Lips are dark
Lip color is black purple visceral qi and blood unobstructed people, lip color is a pale pink, there is a certain luster. Once the liver qi is depressed and the blood stasis is not smooth, then the lip color will become bluish purple. Purple and black lips are a sign of liver depression and blood stasis, if it happens to women, then the usual menstruation must not be very good, because menstrual blood is not smooth, easy to appear painful menstruation, amenorrhea.
(The liver is not good, and it will stink in both places)
If you get up in the morning and feel dry mouth, bitter mouth, bad breath, these are all caused by unsmooth liver qi and stasis. The accumulation of foul-smelling toxins in the body often makes the breath have a musty and smelly smell! At this time, it means that your liver is "hiding poison" deeply and needs to be detoxified!
2.Body odor
Our liver is like a computer, when it is overloaded, it will also "heat up" and run slowly. Because the liver is a large organ in our body, it is easy to transfer heat to other parts of the body, so our body will try to cool itself by excessive sweating, resulting in excessive body odor.
It's important to take care of your liver and detoxifying your liver, do you want to know what I can do? You can ask me to understand 😁
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