Benefits of leg lifting before bedtime:

on December 02, 2022
Benefits of leg lifting before bedtime:
1. Promote liver detoxification and kidney detoxification
When the foot is raised high, the blood will quickly flow back to the liver and kidneys, and it will be re-detoxified and detoxified.
2. Protect the heart and stabilize blood pressure
When the foot is raised high, it can reduce the burden on the lungs, solve the depression of the heart, help the heart to restore normal function, reduce the psychological pressure, and stabilize the blood pressure.
3. Open the second pulse of Ren Dou and smooth the flow of qi and blood
When the foot is raised high, the divine que (navel) and the fate gate are the same luck, opening up the Ren Dou Qi and blood freely, the pores are dilated, and the skin respiration and metabolism are increased.
4. Protect the spine and prevent joint degeneration
When the foot is raised high, the spine remains level, the muscles of the whole body are elastic, the qi and blood are smooth, the joints will increase the bone marrow, and the nerves on both sides of the spine will restore the usual conduction effect.
5. Soothes the nervous system and helps sleep
Do the leg up against the wall for deep relaxation of the body. Coupled with slow, regular breathing, it stimulates the nerves of relaxation and digestion. Friends who are plagued by insomnia can do this for a while when they can't sleep, which can help them fall asleep.
6. Lower blood lipids and stabilize blood sugar
Sweating when lifting the feet, the body can discharge acidic toxins, and the blood fat is naturally burned. Because the spleen main limbs, the foot also exercises the spleen, so the blood sugar can be stabilized, improve the function of the spleen, people's temperament is natural and kind. In addition, this way of lifting the feet can also alleviate the edema of the thighs and feet, and long-term adherence has the effect of weight loss
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