Benefits of millet porridge:

on December 02, 2022
Speaking of millet porridge, it is definitely the favorite of many friends, millet porridge is very comfortable to eat, not only delicious taste, but also the nutritional value is very high, but even so, millet porridge is also some taboo, next, this article will introduce the three benefits of millet porridge and three taboos, can provide you with some effective reference when drinking millet porridge in the future.
Benefits of millet porridge:
1. Tonify the spleen and stomach
Eating millet is very helpful for spleen and stomach health, nausea and weakness are related to poor spleen and stomach function, and the main effect of millet is to supplement the spleen and stomach. Millet is yellow, and from the taste point of view, millet tastes sweet and salty, so Chinese medicine believes that millet can "be warm to the stomach". Therefore, millet is very beneficial for diarrhea, vomiting, indigestion and diabetic uresis.
2. Tonify the kidneys
Five grains for nourishing sperm qi, kidney qi is more effective, among the five grains millet has the strongest kidney tonic effect. Millet is cold in nature, the five tastes are slightly salty, salty into the kidneys, so millet has the effect of benefiting kidney qi and replenishing vitality, and it is precisely because of this that Li Shizhen calls millet the valley of the kidneys.
3. Nourish the heart and calm the spirit
Drinking millet porridge is very effective for enhancing the function of the small intestine, which can nourish the mind and calm the mind. Millet is also plagued by eating as a therapeutic food for calming and sleeping
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