Benefits of Sacha Inchi Oil

on April 06, 2023
Have you heard of vegetarian fish oil?

In fact, many, many people have never heard of vegetarian fish oil

yes, I know you know fish oil deep sea
Great, there are a lot of omega 3 brain supplements to prevent Alzheimer's disease, right?

But it's very big, it's too big and it's hard to swallow

Isn't it familiar?

In fact, about 7 years ago, the founder switched to a vegetarian diet due to health problems, and even stopped eating fish oil, and then found that vegetarian fish oil, as the name suggests, is vegetable oil with the nutrients of fish oil

Now inchi oil contains 12 times more omega 369 unsaturated fatty acids than fish oil!

The 1:1 golden ratio of natural good oil is cold-compressed emerald extraction technology
In addition to ensuring freshness, it also reduces oxidation and nutrient loss

* Three highs
* Promotes vision
* Promotes brain development, memory and concentration
* Improve cardiovascular disease
* Promotes skin health
* Prevention of osteoporosis
* Prevention of constipation and gastrointestinal syndrome
* Prevention of kidney disease
* Prevention and relief of arthritis
* Reduce nose sensitivity
* Reduces menopausal symptoms

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