Can you eat oil to lose weight?Teach you how to choose the right oil

on January 28, 2022
Can you eat oil to lose weight? Teach you how to choose the right oil🥰
I often hear people say that they don’t dare to eat oil because they are afraid of getting fat🤣🤣 It’s just that you have eaten the “right oil”🤩
Tell you hor 😁 You must eat oil during weight loss and fat reduction😘 Don’t talk about the discoloration of oil, fat plays a very important role in the nutritional needs of the human body. In fact, fat is one of the three essential nutrients for the human body. It is not only an important component of the body's cells, but also has a protective effect on our brain nerves and organs such as the liver.
Many people equate obesity, cardiovascular disease, stroke and other diseases with oil. In fact, good oil can provide heat for the body, form cell membranes, help absorb fat-soluble vitamins, maintain normal immune system function, and maintain brain function. With many benefits, lack of oil can lead to nutritional deficiencies, stunted growth, dry skin, memory loss, and even a tendency to depression.
Come come come 😁 Let's get to know what is omega 3,6,9?
Omega 3
It has anti-inflammatory, cholesterol-lowering and other effects, as well as assisting brain development, maintaining brain function, preventing cardiovascular disease, promoting cell membrane health, slowing vision degradation, preventing osteoporosis and maintaining joint health, protecting skin health, preventing depression, etc. all kinds of benefits.
Omega 6
It can reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer, promote immune response, inflame the body to fight germs, help blood coagulation, regulate metabolism, protect cells, etc. However, excessive intake may lead to diseases such as arthritis and arteriosclerosis.
Omega 9
It can reduce block accumulation in blood vessels, has the effect of lowering cholesterol, preventing cardiovascular disease, and can improve diabetes, ease mood, and also benefit Alzheimer's patients.
Sacha Inchi Oil contains omega 3, 6, 9 😍 and natural vitamins A and E
Compared with the world's best-selling high-end health and edible oils such as deep-sea fish oil, olive oil, and flax oil, sacha sacha oil is healthier and is considered to be the best vegetable oil in the world.
There are many more benefits:
1. Prevent Cancer
2. Promotes vision
3. Promote brain development, memory and concentration
4. Promotes Fertility
5. Promotes Skin Health
6. Prevent Osteoporosis
7. Prevent constipation and gastrointestinal syndrome
8. Prevention of kidney and urological diseases
9. Prevent and subsidize arthritis
10. Reduce nose sensitivity
11. Reduces menopausal symptoms
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