Causes of flatulence:

on December 02, 2022
Causes of flatulence:
1 Lack of exercise
Sedentary all day will make the gastrointestinal tract lazy, and it is difficult for intestinal gas to be discharged smoothly. The body's activity drives the muscle mass of the digestive tract and accelerates gas emissions. Studies have shown that people who walk 1 hour after a meal have significantly faster digestion and a more unobstructed intestine.
2 Business trip, on the go
Ed Levine, M.D., a gastroenterologist in Connecticut, said, "Almost 50 percent of people travel with flatulence and constipation. "Changes in diet, work and rest during travel lead to intestinal flora disorders, bacteria produce gas in the intestine, constipation will cause these gases to be blocked in the digestive tract, causing flatulence." In order to prevent flatulence during the trip, it is necessary to insist on the same time of sleep and meal as much as possible, and changing the biological clock will aggravate constipation.
3 Dietary misunderstandings
1/3 of people may produce gas after ingesting indigestible fructose, causing flatulence. Fruits such as watermelon, apples, pears and mangoes are rich in glucose and fructose, and excessive consumption can easily cause flatulence. Like bananas and blueberries, fructose and glucose levels are relatively balanced.

4 The pressure is too high
In an emergency state, the blood flowing into the gastrointestinal tract decreases and the rate of digestion slows down. In addition, heavy pressure will make your breathing heavy, inhale more gas than usual, and cause flatulence. In order to feel comfortable, you can exhale longer and inhale shorter to put your body into a calmer state.
5 gastrointestinal bacteria
25% of patients with gastroenteritis and gastric ulcers will have symptoms of flatulence after recovering from illness, which is mostly caused by excessive proliferation of small intestinal bacteria. Gastroenteritis destroys the gut's defense system, allowing more bacteria to enter the small intestine, causing overproduction. Too many bacteria produce gas, causing flatulence.
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