Eliminate edema of food

on December 02, 2022
Eliminate edema of food
Red beans
Red beans are rich in potassium, which helps to expel excess salt from the body. The saponin contained in red beans has a strong diuretic effect. In addition, red beans have the effect of stimulating the intestines, can clear the body toxins and excess water, and promote the metabolism of blood and water.
Mung bean
Mung bean has the effect of clearing heat and detoxification, diuresis, water and eliminating edema, mung beans contain a lot of potassium, which can help the body excrete excess salt and solve the problem of edema. Moreover, mung beans also have a spleen-strengthening effect, helping women maintain normal hormone secretion and protect liver, kidney, spleen and other functions.
Wax gourd
Winter melon has a sweet and cold taste, has the effect of diuretic swelling, heat and thirst, etc., and winter melon also has a high content of potassium, helping the human body to eliminate excess sodium salt, is a good helper to eliminate edema.
Kelp contains mannitol, which is a good helper for diuresis and swelling. Kelp contains a large amount of iodine, which is very effective in treating obesity caused by low thyroid function and can eliminate the image of edema in the human body. Moreover, kelp can eliminate blood lipids, reduce the deposition of fat in the heart, blood vessels and intestinal walls, etc., and promote cholesterol elimination, so it is called "scraping oil" food.

Black coffee
The caffeine in black coffee can play a role in stimulating the stomach and intestines to secrete gastric juice, help digestion, promote the body's metabolism, and laxative. Black coffee is very low in calories, drinking black coffee can increase the consumption of calories, help accelerate the burning and decomposition of fat, and achieve the effect of weight loss. At the same time, caffeine can also accelerate the body's excretion, which is very effective in removing edema.
The spicy and ginger oil contained in ginger can promote blood circulation, strengthen kidney activity, increase urination, and help to take away waste products hoarded by excessive diet. In addition, the composition of ginger can also stimulate the expansion of blood vessels in nerve endings, promote epinephrine secretion, accelerate circulation in the body, increase the blood input into the gallbladder, and increase the secretion of bile to decompose fat, which is helpful for fat loss.
Cucumber has the effect of clearing heat and water, detoxifying and reducing swelling, and quenching thirst. Cucumber has a good diuretic and hydrotic effect, so it can be used to eliminate edema, the propanolic acid contained in cucumber can inhibit the conversion of sugar substances into fat, and the fiber in cucumber can also promote the elimination of putrefactive substances in the human intestine and reduce cholesterol.
Yuzu tea
Yuzu is a famous low-calorie weight loss food, drinking more yuzu tea can reduce the intake of body fat, which has a great effect on controlling appetite. And grapefruit is rich in potassium, which is a very good drainage swelling fruit. The grapefruit acid in grapefruit tea can promote digestion, promote metabolism and maintain healthy skin.
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