Five categories of people suitable for inca fruit oil

on December 02, 2022
Five categories of people who are suitable for long-term consumption of inca fruit oil, which one are you? ☺️

Choosing an oil is organic and clever, choosing an oil that suits you is a healthy oil 🧐

1. Three high people
Inca fruit oil contains a large number of unbalanced and fatty acids, long-term consumption can reduce the blood harmful to the human body cholesterol and triglycerides, prevent cardiovascular disease, improve the miraculous effect of endocrine.

2. Diabetics
Diabetics usually have higher triglycerides and lower high concentrations of lipoprotein content, and the fatty acid omega 3 contained in inuga fruit oil can help reduce the content of triglycerides and desorb group proteins that cause diabetes, while increasing the content of high concentrations of lipoproteins, which helps to lower blood sugar.

3. Fitness experts
The high-quality unsaturated fatty acids of inca fruit oil can help metabolize the body's inherent bad oils, it also has a moisturizing effect, and long-term consumption can alleviate constipation

4. Vegetarians
Inca fruit oil is derived from inca fruit, a plant fruit, a pale yellow transparent oily liquid made of dehulling, crushing, pressing, filtering, etc., 100% vegetarian

5. Health care masters
A light diet is one of the secrets of maintaining health, and the antioxidants contained in inuga fruit oil can eliminate free radicals in the body, restore the health of the internal organs of the human body, prevent brain aging, and prolong life.

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