Healthy Eating Habits:

on December 02, 2022
Healthy Eating Habits:
1. Eat bitter food
Bitter foods not only contain inorganic compounds, alkaloids, etc., but also contain certain sugars, amino acids, etc. The amino acids in bitter foods are essential for human growth and development, health and longevity. Bitter foods also regulate nervous system function and relieve bad emotions brought about by fatigue and boredom.
2. Drink water in the morning
Drinking a cup of cold boiled water after getting up in the morning is conducive to liver and kidney metabolism and lowering blood pressure, preventing myocardial infarction, some people call it "resurrection water". Relevant experts believe that after several hours of sleep, the digestive tract has been emptied, and drinking a cup of cold boiled water in the morning can be quickly absorbed into the blood circulation and dilute the blood, which is equivalent to a "internal washing" of various organs in the body. Pay attention to drinking water health, water is the source of life. Don't drink water when you're thirsty.
3. Vitamins
Multivitamins are eaten after breakfast. Studies have shown that supplementing with a multivitamin that suits you can be beneficial to your health. So, why eat it after breakfast? First, it can provide the human body with what it needs for a day, so that you have the energy to devote to work and study, and on the other hand, it will not cause too much burden to the kidneys.
4. Convenient calcium supplementation
Add coffee to milk instead of milk. The first thing to do in the morning is to fill the cup with skim milk. Then drink 1/5 of it and fill it with coffee. This way, you can consume 25% of the vitamin D and 30% of the calcium that your body needs every day.
5. The magic of water
After eating fast food and drinking a large glass of water. The calories and salt in fast food are generally seriously exceeded, although we can't take the fat in the stomach, but a large glass of water can help you dilute the concentration of sodium in the body and keep you away from high blood pressure.

6. Additional meals in the afternoon
Maybe bed can be a reason why you don't eat breakfast, but the extra meal at three o'clock in the afternoon can't be excused. Supplementing your nutrition between lunch and dinner can help you through the most tiring periods of the day. Yogurt, fruit, biscuits are good choices.
7. Eat orange with silk
Many people will peel off the "white silk" on the orange when they eat oranges. In fact, it is rich in flavonoids, which are of great benefit to the body. Bitter with a sweet taste, careful tasting is actually not bad.
8. Select the fruit
Although the appearance of fruits is varied, dark fruits are definitely better to measure health, because they contain more antioxidants. When you swing irregularly, it is right to choose black fruits such as plums and plums.
9. Change the cold dish to dip
Not only is the roast meat high in calories, but the sauce will also bring a lot of heat to the original healthy cold dishes. So, put the mixed sauce in a small bowl and eat it with the cut vegetables so that you need only 1/6 of the original sauce.
10. Vegetarian meat to eat
It is not good to eat too much oil, but it is even worse not to eat it at all. Pumpkin and carrots contain a lot of β, carotene, so they should not be eaten too lightly. Stir-fry or cold mix in oil, if pumpkin is used to cook porridge, then make sure there is oil in other dishes, so that they meet in the stomach.
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