Methods to boost immunity

on December 02, 2022
The epidemic has swept the world Even if there is a vaccine, it still can't escape the risk 😭 of diagnosis, and many people around me are in covid! I will introduce drinking tiger milk to supplement the lungs and strengthen immunity! Now we can only coexist with Covid:
Usually after covid, people are more likely to get bronchitis, and it is less likely to recover after illness, because most of the bronchial mucosa has been destroyed, the immune system is damaged, and the lungs are damaged!
The most important thing is not what we should do to be diagnosed with covid, but what should we do 🥺 with severe sequelae
Coughing constantly, colds and sequelae cause us to be physically and mentally exhausted, so we should take the method 💪 of improving the sequelae and strengthening immunity
lifefit plus tiger milk mushroom 🥰
* Relieves respiratory and skin allergies
* Anti-asthmatic
* Anti-diabetic
* Anti-aging
* Antibacterial
* Cleanses strong lungs
* Soothe cough, nasal congestion, sinusitis nasal sensitivity
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