Poor sleep affects health

on December 02, 2022
Poor sleep at night not only affects the spirit of the next day, but also is closely related to cardiovascular disease and the incidence of the three highs 🥲
1. When you can't sleep, it is easy to increase blood pressure and damage blood vessels
In sleep, metabolism, heartbeat and blood pressure will drop, especially in deep sleep, the metabolic rate of the whole body will be reduced to a minimum, because the body needs to rest, so the heartbeat will be slower, if you do not rest during the rest, it will cause problems.
Many cardiovascular disease patients have insomnia problems, in the case of sleeplessness, the body will be in a state of alertness, when the sympathetic nerves are overexcited blood pressure will rise, the heartbeat will continue to jump rapidly, at this time adrenaline will continue to secrete, but also let the blood vessels be impacted, easy to produce vascular damage, resulting in atherosclerosis, cardiovascular disease risk greatly increased.
2. Women often have sleep problems, and most of the patients with heart disease are men
Studies have shown that women have more frequent sleep problems, but most of the people with heart disease are men.
While sleep health is important for people of all ages, the research team focused on the middle of adulthood, as work and family roles are more stressful and there are richer life experiences in middle age, and this is also the period when heart disease and sleep problems begin to appear.
More than 90% of heart diseases are cardiovascular disease or arrhythmias, with men often over the age of 45 and women over 55 years old, and men often having severe symptoms.
3. Middle-aged people with great pressure from work and family life often have insomnia problems
Middle-aged and elderly patients often cause insomnia problems due to greater pressure in life, and 40 to 50-year-old people may have work and family pressures, which will affect sleep.
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