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on April 10, 2023
Sacha Inchi Capsules New Upgrade ❤️ (+Tocotrienol+Sea Buckthorn) Buy 1 Get 1 Free and Give Small Gifts 🤩

Tocotrienols are mainly used to protect free radicals in antibodies, which can help reduce signs of aging, artery blockage, diabetes and high cholesterol. They have strong antioxidant properties and specifically target and fight free radicals 👍

Free radicals are a normal byproduct of the body's metabolism, and too many free radicals can age the skin, affect hair health, kill cells, and damage DNA. They play an important role in heart and lung disease. They usually bear a lot of responsibility 😘 for aging

In the world of food, if there is one ingredient that can cause screams, it must be sea buckthorn 😘
It has survived on Earth for 200 million years and is known as a "living fossil of plants", rich in 428 kinds of nutrient active ingredients, almost more than all precious ingredients, and the vitamin C content is 8 times that of kiwifruit, 12 times that of oranges, and 200 times that of apples. It can lower cholesterol in the body, repair tissues, cardiovascular, liver and so on 👍

1. Improve and reduce the three highs (high cholesterol, high blood pressure, high blood sugar)

2. Protect the liver and detoxify

3. Prevent and improve cardiovascular disease, make arteries more flexible

4. Enhance immunity, memory, brain development

5. Improve arthritis

6. Improve sleep

7. Improve digestion, stomach diseases

8. Very effective antioxidant, 60 times higher than regular vitamin E

9. Highly effective anti-inflammatory, can reduce inflammation-related diseases

10. Stimulate collagen synthesis, delay cell aging, protect the skin from ultraviolet damage, lighten spots and whiten

Eating can make the skin whiter and brighter and younger, and can improve the three high problems, sleep, etc. A can of benefits is many 😘

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