Sacha Nichi Oil Capsules + Sea Buckthorn Fruit

on April 13, 2023
Sacha Nichi Oil Capsules + Sea Buckthorn Fruit (New upgraded version added Sea buckthorn Buy 1 Get 1 Free). 🤩

Maintaining your health starts with Sacha inchi oil âť—

♦ I recommend you try it
Sacha inchi oil ♦
♦ Rich in omega 3-6-9, it is cold-pressed in Malaysia to ensure freshness and reduce oxidation and nutrient loss.

The whole world is crazy about it (sea buckthorn)
Japan calls it "longevity fruit", Russia calls it "second ginseng", the United States calls it "life energy", India calls it "divine fruit", and China calls it "holy fruit". You may not pay much attention to it, but it is a food that will drive the world crazy, with an annual demand of 4,000 tons and exported overseas.

Recognized as the king of Dimension C
We all know that the grapes and kiwis we usually eat contain a lot of vitamin C, but the vitamin C content of sea buckthorn is 5 times that of kiwifruit, known as the "king of fruits"! 200 times as many grapes! Sea buckthorn is also recognized as a "treasure trove of natural vitamins", containing 14 vitamins that far exceed those of other fruits

♦ Prevention and improvement of three highs and cardiovascular diseases
♦ Helps the retina become clearer
♦ Reduces allergy and inflammation symptoms
♦ The liver has less toxins and hormone secretion is normalized
♦ Supports brain development, memory and focus
♦ Good fatty acids build strong cell membranes and healthier cells
♦ Omega 3 can help improve the symptoms of hyperactive and autistic children
♦ Accelerate metabolism, fat burning, body fat loss
♦ Helps hair, nails and skin grow
♦ Indirectly helps to restore kidney function
♦ Skin care beauty, reduce acne, psoriasis, wetness
♦ Anti-aging

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