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on December 02, 2022
Not to mention that you don't know, the respiratory system is one 😊 of the human systems that need to be taken good care of
It is important to strengthen the immunity of the lungs and respiratory system under the 🤧 epidemic
Five symptoms of weak lungs and respiratory system:
* Cough, dry cough
* Shortness of breath
* Easy to catch a cold
* Asthma
* Chronic bronchitis
There are three reasons for weak immunity:
* Prolonged cough
* Decreased lung capacity
* Abnormal breathing, insufficient intake of oxygen from the body
Tips to improve the lungs and respiratory system:
*lifefit plus Tiger Milk Mushroom cleanses strong lungs and respiratory system, relieves the respiratory tract and improves immunity 💪🏻
Activate the body's immunity, fight the virus together, hurry up and order it 😁 with me
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