Sweating is the most effective detoxification method

on December 02, 2022
People have to sweat, sweating is a kind of detoxification, people have two ways of detoxification: one is to urinate, the other is to sweat. Sweating is the most effective way to detoxify, only summer is able to sweat naturally throughout the year, which will benefit the body's metabolism, support the balance of the meridian and the health of the immune system. If you don't sweat for a long time, the skin will not breathe, which will eventually cause many human metabolic system disorders, and the detoxification function of this skin will be transferred to the kidneys and liver. But not all areas sweating are good, now for you to click which parts of the sweat may be a problem with the body! 
1. Forehead sweating → hyperactivity of liver and yang
The forehead often sweats a lot, which may be caused by hyperactivity of the liver and sun, abnormal secretion of thyroid hormones, and is related to high blood pressure and insomnia.
2, nose sweating → lung qi is insufficient
If the nose is always sweating, it means that the lungs are insufficient and need to be adjusted and replenished. Western medicine believes that this is a manifestation of low immunity and needs to improve immunity.
3. Neck sweating → endocrine disorders
We don't have a lot of sweat in our neck, so we usually don't have a neck sweat, and if the neck is abnormally sweated, it may be related to endocrine disorders

4. Sweating in the chest → Spleen and stomach loss
If the chest is often sweating, the Chinese medicine doctor believes that this is a manifestation of spleen and stomach disharmony, indicating that the blood circulation in the body is very slow, and the oxygen transport is not smooth.
5. Sweating under the armpits → sweat glands are too large or eat heavy taste
Because the armpits are distributed with a large number of sweat glands, it is easier to sweat. If the sweat secretion is too strong, and the smell is very large, it may indicate that the taste of the daily diet is too heavy, and too many foods such as oranges, garlic, and onions have been eaten.
6, palms, pod sweating → blood
If the emotion is tense, agitated or afraid, the palms or feet are prone to sweating, which is considered by Chinese medicine to be a manifestation of spleen loss, spleen and stomach fever, and blood spasms.
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