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on December 02, 2022
The manifestation of fire is not only the redness, inflammation of the corners of the mouth, the dry and cracked lips, but also the eating of an overly hot diet and a dry environment that is more likely to cause the human organs to catch fire.
The following is to introduce the common human "fire risk" and fire solutions in spring!
Stomach fire:
The corners of the mouth are red, inflamed, dry and cracked, the mouth and tongue are sore, more preference for cold drinks, constipation, it may be stomach fire.
Stomach fire, that is, stomach heat. For the fire caused by improper diet such as alcoholism, spicy food addiction, excessive food thick taste, etc., Chinese medicine calls it stomach fire.
Chinese medicine believes that the regulation of stomach fire should follow the principle of clearing heat and stagnation, and it is necessary to moderate the diet, avoid eating spicy foods, and eat more yellow-green vegetables and seasonal fruits. In addition, overly agitated emotions, long-term depression can also lead to stomach fire.
Kidney fire:
If there is general weakness, premature ejaculation, dysmenorrhea, and memory loss, it may be that the kidneys are on fire.
As the saying goes, "Yin is weak and produces internal fire, and yang is weak and cold is born outside." "People with kidney yin deficiency are born with kidney fire, which is often manifested as dizziness, memory loss, waist and knee soreness, irritability and other manifestations of yin deficiency and fire. At this time, you should eat more yin supplemental foods, such as fish, sesame seeds, black rice, fungus, goji berries, etc., which will help nourish the yin and supplement the kidneys.

Liver fire, love to be angry, occasionally headache dizziness, dry mouth and throat, swelling pain in both flanks, may be liver on fire.
Those who have a strong liver fire should pay attention to rest to prevent excessive fatigue. Usually, you can drink more goji berry chrysanthemum tea, which has the effect of clearing the liver and eyes, soothing the liver and rationalizing the qi, and the Sichuan shellfish plus an appropriate amount of rock sugar stew can also reduce the liver fire. In addition, proper participation in sports, eating more fruits and vegetables can also help regulate emotions, of course, proper anger control is the key.
Lung fire:
Spring is dry, and there are always symptoms of dry cough, dry mouth, and wanting to drink water, which may be a fire in the lungs.
The lungs belong to the gold of the five elements, fire and gold, so the lungs are afraid of fire. If the lungs are on fire, the fire needs to be reduced immediately, and the lung fever symptoms such as dry cough caused by the lung fire need to be treated in time. Pear has the functions of coughing up phlegm, clearing heat and reducing fire, moisturizing the lungs and drying the lungs, and is more suitable for lung fever cough and dry throat pain.
Heart Fire:
The tip of the tongue is very red, insomnia, dreams, irritability, impatience... It may be that the heart is on fire.
The heart is a fire in the five elements of Chinese medicine, which governs the operation of the blood veins. Heart fire inflammation is manifested as mouth and tongue erosion, sores, red tip of the tongue, hyperactivity, irritability and restlessness. To prevent heartburn, you need to maintain a good attitude, drink more water, preferably warm boiled water.
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