The benefits of Zemvelo Sacha Inchi oil

on March 27, 2023
The benefits of Zemvelo Sacha Inchi oil

1. Lower cholesterol
The omega 3 in Sacha Sacha oil reduces high cholesterol in the blood by 23% and triglycerides by 65%, converting excess LDL cholesterol into bile acid and excreting it from the body.

2. Hypocritical diabetes and its complications
The omega 3 and isoleucid acid in Sacha Sacha fruit oil can promote isinoin secretion, regulate blood sugar, and comprehensively improve diabetes and its complications

3. Prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases
Sacha inchi oil can reduce high blood pressure, reduce blood lipid content, improve blood concentration, reduce blood viscosity, maintain blood fluidity, prevent blood vessel blockage and related diseases.

4. Improve kidney function
Sacha inchi oil can adjust prostaglandins, promote the secretion of liver, pancreas and spleen, and the body's metabolism is normal.

5. Improve constipation
Sacha inchi oil can remove intestinal toxins, improve intestinal function, increase absorption capacity, increase the motility of the intestine, make bowel movements normal, and reduce constipation

6. Promotes cellular health
Sacha Sacha oil can improve the moisture and elasticity of cell membranes, increase cell respiration and nutrient exchange function, and strengthen the body's cell repair and healing ability, making cells healthy

7. Promote brain flexibility
Sacha inchi oil can increase brain transmission mediators, strengthen brain activity function, make brain function more effective, and improve memory

8. Improve energy
Sacha Inchi oil balances and improves the body's blood sugar levels, making it revitalized

9. Reduce allergic reactions
Helps reduce allergic reactions

10. Improve arthritis
Experiments have shown that Sacha inchi oil has a great effect on preventing arthritis

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