The difference between juice and fruit

on December 02, 2022
There is a considerable gap between the nutrition of fruit juice and fruit, do not confuse the two, fruit juice can not completely replace fruit. First, the fruit juice is basically free of the fiber in the fruit; second, the process of mashing and pressing causes some of the vitamins in the fruit to be easily oxidized; third, the absence of a certain nutrient in the fruit (such as fiber) will adversely affect the overall nutritional effect.
Drinking fruit juice ≠ eating fruit juice is not as good as fruit for these reasons:
1. High sugar content
Drinking fruit juice is prone to excessive sugar intake, while eating fruit will not. Moreover, the sugar content of fruit juices is usually high. Apple juice, orange juice sugar content are more than 8%, grape juice sugar content of up to 15% to 20%, drink a cup of pure juice, you can drink 20 to 40 grams of sugar. And the sugar in liquid juice is more easily absorbed by the body than the sugar in solid fruit, which means that drinking juice after dinner will also increase the risk of gaining weight, diabetes and high blood lipids.
2. Drink more
People drink juice much faster than they eat fruit, but the feeling of fullness is far less than eating fruit, and the amount of food they eat unconsciously will increase.
Fruit juice contains less fiber, but contains more sugar and calories, and requires several fruits to make a glass of juice. For example, an apple can be squeezed up to 1/3 or 1/2 cup of juice. In other words, drinking a glass of juice is equivalent to eating the sugar of two or three apples, and the fullness of drinking a few glasses of juice is not as good as eating fruit. Drinking too much juice can lead to excess calories, which can easily lead to obesity problems.
3. Loss of nutrients
Drinking juice may help individuals get the recommended daily intake of fruits and vegetables, which is a way to supplement dietary deficiencies. However, during the extraction process of fruit juice, the nutrients and dietary fiber of the fruit are lost.
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