The efficacy of tiger milk mushroom

on December 02, 2022
The origin of the name Tiger Milk Zhi, there is actually a very interesting story in this. According to folklore, the milk droplets of the tigress after childbirth are in contact with the soil and the air, and after the fungus is produced, it absorbs the essence of the sun and moon of heaven and earth and gradually forms a sclerotium, which grows in the soil or in the tiger's nest, so it is called "tiger milk" or "tiger milk zhi".

The efficacy of tiger milk mushroom

1. Protect the lungs, protect the lungs, relieve cough and relieve asthma

Tiger milk mushroom can not only relieve asthma symptoms, but also relieve cough and asthma, improve respiratory tract and nose sensitivity symptoms. Long-term use may also improve breathing, especially in patients who smoke and long-term deep environmental pollution.

2. Enhance joint function

Tiger milk mushroom has a certain anti-inflammatory function, it has a certain effect on bone pain fever, joint pain.

3. Effective treatment of sensitive skin

External application and internal use of tiger milk mushrooms can soothe sensitive skin and eczema, but also soothe the rash caused by alcohol sensitivity, help wound recovery.

4. Replenish qi and strengthen the body, improve the body's immune function

Tiger milk chia can enhance physical strength and resistance can also reduce fatigue, refresh the mind and restore vitality.

5. Anti-tumor

Tiger milk mushroom has a certain resistance to tumors, which can alleviate the side effects of patients after chemotherapy and make patients more energetic.

Because of its rare quantity, Tiger Milk Zhi was identified by the Chinese Journal of Edible Mushroom as one of the top ten rare medicinal fungi that need to be developed. The reason for its rarity is that Tiger Milk is a pure natural medicinal fungus, and there is currently no artificial cultivation method. It only grows in tropical rainforests in Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines and other countries, and can only be found by chance.

Because the sclerotia of Tiger Milk Zhizhi is mostly hidden in the ground, even if it grows out of the ground, that is, a single tree, the second tree cannot be found for several kilometers. Therefore, tiger milk mushroom is an extremely precious medicinal fungus, which can be encountered but not sought.

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