The importance of anti-inflammatory:

on December 02, 2022
The importance of anti-inflammatory: 
We often say that the inflammation is generally, inflamed somewhere, this kind of acute inflammation, you can feel it, but the chronic inflammation in the body is not the same, you basically can't feel it.
Inflammation, is the body's response to pathogenic factors and their damaging effects, is to help your body recover, fight against infections, diseases, and injuries, belongs to the body's self-protection response, the body will increase white blood cells, immune cells and other cytokines, help you resist infection.
Inflammation generally occurs locally, but has an effect on the whole body, and may sometimes spread throughout the body and become a chronic disease.
Acute inflammation is generally manifested by redness, swelling, pain, fever, and swelling.
Chronic inflammation, which can last for a long time, and some even for decades, can lead to very serious health problems.
Long-term inflammation problems in the body may lead to diabetes, heart disease, fatty liver, and some cancers, in general, long-term obese people and people who are too stressed, there is a high probability of chronic inflammation in the body.
If we want to alleviate inflammation in the body, what we have to do is to eat less of those inflammatory foods, eat more anti-inflammatory foods, try to eat as much fresh, real food, whole foods, and highly nutritious foods, they all contain natural antioxidants, while avoiding deeply processed foods.
Once you have a healthy diet, the inflammation in your body will slowly ease, but if you want to speed up the relief, you can add the following measures.

1. Ingest some supplements, inca fruit oil and curcumin, are considered very good to relieve inflammation in the body.
2, increase daily exercise, if you are sedentary, you must increase some daily exercise, get up early to walk, walk after dinner, are very beneficial to the relief of inflammation in the body.
3, to ensure adequate sleep, is also very important, many people like to stay up late, especially in modern society, staying up late has been the norm, the relationship between staying up late and obesity is very large, there are studies that found that poor sleep quality may increase inflammation in the body.
In short, chronic inflammation is very unhealthy, may lead to many diseases, many cases, because of our long-term unhealthy eating habits and living habits, slowly the inflammation in the body spreads, and when we want to solve it in a short time, it may be more difficult.
Only by adhering to good eating habits and living habits for a long time, the inflammation in the body will slowly alleviate.

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