This wrinkle appears on the nails , the liver toxin has exploded

on December 02, 2022
This wrinkle appears on the nails, pay attention to the fact that the "liver toxin" has exploded! These five tricks can save you, and those who stay up late and overtime will collect! 😚
Throughout the year, the body has accumulated quite a lot of toxins, and it is time to detoxify! Detoxification starts with our guts, so how do we know if our guts need to be detoxified?
1. Eliminate liver toxins
Ways to check if the liver is toxic:
1. The surface of the nail has a raised green line, or it is sunken downward.
Chinese medicine believes that the "main tendon of the liver", the nail is part of the "tendon", so when the toxin accumulates in the liver, there will be a clear signal on the nail.
2. Breast hyperplasia, premenstrual breast pain significantly increased.
The mammary gland belongs to the fortress on the route of the liver meridian, once there is "poison" in the liver meridian, breast hyperplasia occurs immediately, especially when the menstrual blood is about to be discharged, it will become hyperlative due to the infestation of qi and blood.
3, emotions are easy to suppress.
The liver is a body that regulates emotions, and once the poison in the liver cannot be discharged in time, blocking the operation of qi, it will produce obvious bad emotions.

4. Migraine pain, acne on both sides of the face, and dysmenorrhea
The two sides of the face and the lower abdomen are the "one-and-three-point land" of the liver meridian and its partner, and once the liver is not detoxified quickly, its own backyard will catch fire first.
Eating more green foods can eliminate liver toxins:
1. Eat green food:
According to the Five Elements Theory of Chinese Medicine, green food can access liver qi, play a good role in liver thinning, depressing, and relieving emotions, and is a food that helps the liver detoxify.
Chinese medicine experts recommend green oranges or lemons, with the skin made into green orange juice or green lemon water, directly drink it.
2. Goji berries improve the tolerance of liver:
In addition to detoxification, the liver's ability to resist toxins should also be enhanced.
This food is the first to promote goji berries, which have a good protective effect on the liver and can improve the liver's tolerance to toxins.
It is best to chew it when eating, eating a small handful every day.
3. Press the liver detoxification point
This refers to the pit of the foot, which is located in the depression before the first and second bone joints of the dorsal foot.
Use your thumb to rub for 3 to 5 minutes to feel slightly sore.
Do not use too much force and press alternately on the two feet.
4. Tears detoxification method:
Women live longer than men who never cry, which cannot but be said to be related to tears.
Chinese medicine has long had this understanding, and it has also been confirmed by Western medicine.
Tears as excretory fluids, like sweat and urine, do contain some biochemical toxins that are harmful to the body.
Therefore, when it is difficult, when it is wronged, when it is depressed, just cry out. For those "optimists", watching a sad movie on a weekend afternoon, letting tears flow with the plot is also an active way to detoxify.
5. Drink MAQUI PLUS high antioxidant juice concentrate
It is a high antioxidant juice that can help remove liver toxins, prevent cirrhosis, make blood cleaner, liver healthier, and achieve delayed aging, making skin beautiful and frozen 🥰
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