Three tricks teach you to increase your metabolic strength

on December 02, 2022
Sedentary is constipation, the culprit of obesity? Three tricks teach you to increase your metabolic strength
Do you often feel stiff shoulders and stiff back? Has been sitting in the seat, the body is getting tighter and tighter, in fact, it is sedentary caused by poor blood circulation; however, the damage of sitting for a long time to the body, not only the whole body is stiff, the bowel movements will not be smooth, Oh, sitting for a long time, the stomach and stomach peristalsis slow down, digestive function will also be affected, prone to constipation.
Improve sedentary distress, 3 good habits to promote metabolism:
*Get up to fill the water, go to the toilet, and simply stretch for 2 minutes
Drinking more water at work can promote metabolism, avoid blood being too viscous, and promote gastrointestinal peristalsis to further prevent constipation. Standing up and leaving your seat while you are filled with water, replenishing moisture regularly can also create opportunities to go to the toilet.
It is recommended to sit for more than an hour, get up and stretch for 2 minutes, you can stretch your waist, shake your hands, tip your feet, increase physical activity, smooth blood circulation, and then take a deep breath to restart the working state.

Habit two: Supplement with vitamin B group, maintain energy metabolism:
The pressure of work makes people especially want to eat high-oil, high-sugar food, but there is no time to exercise, and accidentally fall into the vicious cycle of obesity. In fact, under high pressure, it is very necessary for vitamin B group to help energy metabolism, and processed products are easy to lose B group, so it is necessary to eat more unrefined whole grain supplements, so that group B can eliminate sedentary fatigue and keep thinking clear!
Replace 1/3 of the usual staple food with sweet potatoes, corn, taro, potatoes, etc., or eat brown rice, oat porridge, and whole bread. Reduce refined processed foods and eat evenly vegetables, lean meats, eggs, and dairy products to eat group B.

Habit three: Take vegetables and fruits for antioxidants, and have a smoother fiber:
Antioxidant nutrients, such as vitamins A, C, and E, can also resist free radicals caused by stress and reduce the body's inflammatory response. Eating vegetables of different colors and exchanging afternoon tea snacks for a piece of fruit can not only combat oxidative stress, but also increase dietary fiber to help the intestines go smoothly.
Fruits rich in antioxidant vitamins include blueberries, papayas, exotic fruits, and small tomatoes, and eat a fist-sized meal just right to avoid excessive sugar intake.
The above 3 tricks to get rid of the sedentary curse and let the metabolic disease not be entangled! Being aware of one's state is the first step towards health. Stand up and make a move!
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