What are the benefits of organic food?

on January 21, 2022
What are the benefits of organic food?

1. Better overall health

Since organic food is not produced or processed by using chemical pesticides or chemical fertilizers, it does not contain any toxic chemicals and will not affect human health. Using natural techniques such as green manures, fertilizing the land and crop rotation in pest control efforts can definitely produce safer, healthier and tastier food for a better life for people.

2. Antioxidant content

The positive effects of antioxidants on overall health have been established in many scientific studies. New research shows that organic foods contribute to greater exposure to nutritionally beneficial antioxidants. The positive effects of antioxidants obtained from organic foods include protection against heart disease, cancer, vision problems, premature aging, and cognitive dysfunction.

3. Improve heart condition

Exclusive grazing on natural grasslands increases the amount of CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) found in animal products. Solar energy is ingested by natural grasses through photosynthesis and converted into optimal organic CLA by edible herbivores. CLA is a heart-healthy fatty acid that has the potential to enhance cardiovascular protection and is found in greater amounts in the meat and dairy products of animals that graze in the free range.

4. Stronger immune system

Immunity is a line of defense for human health. When viruses and bacteria enter the body, the immune system of the human body will protect our body at the first time. However, if the immune capacity of the human body is relatively poor, then our body cannot resist the invasion of viruses, which will lead to the occurrence of diseases. In order to effectively resist the invasion of viruses and bacteria, it is very important to keep the human body healthy and improve human immunity!

Therefore, to improve human immunity, the most important thing is to start with the food you eat. Choose organic and healthy ingredients, eat more healthy and organic food, and take in enough nutrients to enhance immunity, resist virus invasion, and maintain good health.

5. Rich in more nutrients

The soil in which organic food is generally grown has undergone special maintenance and maintenance. Vegetables and fruits grown using organic farming methods (such as rotation planting, organic fertilizers) have twice the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients than plants grown by traditional methods. . Therefore, organic foods contain high levels of disease-fighting antioxidants and various vitamins that the body needs.

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