What are the manifestations of liver disease improvement?

on February 11, 2022
What are the manifestations of liver disease improvement?
1. The palm color returns to normal
When the liver has problems, the palms of the hands will become red and congested, showing liver palm symptoms, which means that the liver's metabolic capacity is insufficient, which is also a manifestation of liver damage. After a period of maintenance and conditioning, the color of the palm returned to normal, and the color was reddish, indicating that the liver was getting better.
2, fall asleep fast, do not insomnia
People with poor liver often can't sleep at night, even if they wake up in the middle of the night after sleeping, it will be difficult to fall asleep after waking up, which is mostly caused by liver disease. Depressed liver qi can lead to easy insomnia at night, and in severe cases, nervous breakdown. If you fall asleep quickly at night and sleep until dawn, your liver is recovering.
3. Eyes bright and energetic
Liver fire is mainly caused by irregular life, bad mood accumulation, or excessive tobacco and alcohol. The liver meridian follows the head, ears, chest, so there is dizziness and swelling, both ears roaring, chest swelling pain, while Chinese medicine has the "liver main eye", so the liver fire is also often eye symptoms, such as: red eyes, dry eyes, eye secretions and so on. If after adjustment, your eyes become bright and energetic, without the above eye symptoms, it means that the liver disease has improved.

4. Brushing teeth is not disgusting
People with poor liver often have nausea and vomiting when brushing their teeth in the morning, which is caused by the secretion of a large amount of stomach acid in the stomach and intestines. Due to liver problems, insufficient bile secretion leads to excessive stomach acid in the stomach and intestines to digest food, so there will be dry vomiting when brushing teeth in the morning, if there is no longer these phenomena, it means that liver disease is getting better.
5. No more bloating after meals
Patients with liver disease often feel gas in the stomach, even if they eat very little, they also feel that their stomach is bloated, especially after meals. People with bad liver, less bile secretion, it is easy to have indigestion, food is piled up in the gastrointestinal tract, will spoil and ferment, resulting in bloating, if you have no bloating phenomenon, then congratulations.
6. Dry mouth, bad breath disappears
When you wake up in the morning, the symptoms of dry mouth, bitterness and bad breath disappear. If the human liver is full of fire, stomach gas rises, and bile rises, people are prone to bitter mouth, dry mouth and bad breath. If these phenomena are relieved after early rise, liver function will slowly return.
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