What causes dull skin?

on December 02, 2022
What causes dull skin?

1. Endocrine disorders

When the endocrine disorder in the female body, tyrosinase will be activated due to excessive stimulation, and this component can just promote the synthesis of melanocytes in the body, thus affecting the normal metabolic function of the human body. When the melanin content is too much, the skin will look very dull, and in severe cases, it will even cause spots on the skin.

2. Damaged by ultraviolet rays

Ultraviolet rays in the sun can cause serious damage to the skin, and if excessive exposure to ultraviolet rays is excessive, then the skin will be seriously affected. The rate of oxidation of the skin will be accelerated, resulting in rapid aging of cells on the surface of the skin, so that the face will grow spots, and pigmentation will form, and in severe cases, fine lines and wrinkles will be formed.

3. Stay up late for a long time

Many young people have the habit of staying up late, some for overtime, some for the sake of playing games or chasing dramas. In fact, staying up late is a particularly bad habit, not only will have a certain impact on people's mental system, resulting in insomnia and dreams, etc., but also lead to endocrine disorders, so that too much melanin is produced in the skin, resulting in the appearance of skin dullness, and acne and spots will grow on the skin when it is serious.

4. No habit of exercise

Exercise not only makes people healthier, but also reduces the chance of skin problems. When fully exercised, the body's metabolic rate will be accelerated, and the blood flow will become more fluid, so that too many toxins and garbage will not accumulate in the body, and the probability of skin problems will naturally be greatly reduced.

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