What is Sacha Inchi oil? What are the most important nutrients?

on December 02, 2022
What is Sacha Inchi oil? What are the most important nutrients?

Sacha Inchi oil is actually extracted from a seed (Sachi Inchi) called the Inca fruit tree on the Peruvian plateau, and its fruit is shaped like a star, so it is called "star fruit", and it has the reputation of "longevity fruit king" in Peru.

The biggest feature of sacha sacha oil is that it has a rich "unsaturated fatty acid" component, we are familiar with omega 3 accounted for more than 50%, omega 6 accounted for 35%, omega 9 accounted for 8%, these three ingredients accounted for 93%, its nutritional value is very rich, beneficial to the body. Inca fruit is said to have been eaten by local residents in the rainforest areas of the Andes for nearly a thousand years.

Sacha Inchi oil adjusts prostaglandins (Prostoglandin), which promotes the secretion of the liver, pancreas and spleen, allowing the body's metabolism to function normally. Sacha sacha oil helps the kidneys de-scavenge sodium and water. Stagnosis usually occurs in swollen ankles, later cancer, and cardiovascular disease. Sacha inchi oil can remove intestinal toxins, improve intestinal function, increase absorption capacity, increase the peristalsis ability of the intestine to make bowel movements normal, and reduce constipation.

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