What methods to relieve nasal congestion

on December 02, 2022
Rhinitis is easy to catch a cold nasal congestion, nasal congestion, nose ventilation is the most uncomfortable, so what methods can alleviate nasal congestion?
01, wipe the wind oil essence
Wind oil essence has the effect of evacuating wind heat and clearing the nose, rubbing the wind oil essence on the nasolabial fold, and then taking a deep breath to pass the nose.
02, drink more hot water
Hot water has the effect of activating blood and relieving qi, drinking more hot water when the nose is congested, promoting metabolism, and is good for nasal congestion.
03, sleep more
Nasal congestion is a symptom of a cold, the best way to defeat a cold is to improve autoimmunity, and sleeping is a good way to improve immunity, so sleep more when the nose is congested.
04. Soak your feet in hot water
Nasal congestion caused by cold entering the body can be alleviated by soaking the feet with hot water, soaking the feet before going to bed, you will feel the heat spread from the center of the foot to the vest, and then spread throughout the body, when the heat spreads throughout the body, the symptoms of nasal congestion will disappear.
05. Hot compresses
Press the entire nose with a hot towel, then inhale, suck the hot air of the towel into the nasal cavity, and when the nose is warm, the symptoms of nasal congestion disappear.
06, drop orange juice
Take the fresh orange peel, squeeze the orange peel hard to squeeze out the juice, and then drop the juice from the orange peel into the nasal cavity, and after a while the nose will breathe.
07. Side lying method
When the left side of the nose is congested, lie to the right, and when the right side is congested, lie to the left, and at the same time pinch the nose with your fingers, gently rub the nose wings for 1 to 2 minutes to pass the nose.
08, gas smoke
Use a small handful of chopped onion white to cook the soup or chop the onion to cook the soup, when the hot air comes out, use the nose to suck in the hot air, and after a while the nose will pass.
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