What the hell is going on, not eating oil and gaining weight 😱

on December 02, 2022
What the hell is going on, not eating oil and gaining weight 😱

When many people think of losing weight, to eat a healthy diet, the first thing is to quit all oily foods, dripping oil does not stick, the meat fat on the body is it. In fact, fat is not the main cause of obesity. No matter what you eat, as long as you consume more calories than you consume, your body will store up excess energy, that is, fat accumulation.

Oil is an essential nutrient of our human body, it is not only important for the health of the brain, eyes, skin and other whole body, but also prolongs the feeling of satiety, so as not to excessively restrict the intake of oil at meals, and as a result, snack cookies can't help but eat between meals.

Long-term intake of too little oil can cause great harm 😱 to the body
Hair loss, dry skin: The right amount of oil can keep the skin and hair shiny.

Endocrine disorders: fatty acids are one of the raw materials for the synthesis of hormones, long-term insufficient intake of oil leads to insufficient hormones to regulate mood, sleep, menstruation, etc., there will be insomnia, anxiety, menstrual irregular symptoms, even stop menopause, infertility.

Affects the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins: Without these important nutrients, there will be problems such as decreased immunity, metabolic disorders, loose bones, cramps, dry eye and so on.

How to eat oil correctly?
Diet with unsaturated fats, supplemented with omega 3

BMI index test

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