Causes of chills in the body:

on February 10, 2023
Causes of chills in the body:

First, lack of sleep can cause the body to feel cold. If the body does not get a good sleep for a long time, there will be an increase in hormone levels in the body, and the blood will be concentrated in the parts of the body that need it most, that is, the main organs, so that the body's skin temperature will drop and the human body will feel cold.

Second, high blood sugar levels can also cause chills in the body. If you feel cold hands and feet, or accompanied by tingling and numbness, you should be alert to whether you have diabetes. Because of the high blood sugar of the body, the capillaries that supply blood to the nerves of the hands and feet will be damaged, and when the blood supply is not sufficient, people will feel cold and numb.

Third, internal infections can cause chills in the body. If you have a fever, the fever will make the body temperature rise, make you shiver, the general normal body temperature is about 37 ° C, the body temperature rises when the body fights the flu, the body temperature rises relative to the surrounding ambient temperature will feel cold.

Fourth, iron deficiency anemia causes body chills. The general chill may be due to iron deficiency anemia, red blood cells combine each position of the body to transmit oxygen, anemia, blood will give priority to the heart and brain oxygen, the blood surface blood vessels are closed, in this case will feel chills.

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