Causes of prominent lower abdomen in women:

on December 05, 2022
Causes of prominent lower abdomen in women:

1. Cold near the abdomen or ovaries

Please test the temperature of your abdomen with your hands, and if you feel cold, you need to pay more attention. People with cold bodies have small tummies, which may be formed by the body's natural accumulation of fat to protect internal organs. You should usually drink more warm drinks and eat more foods that can warm the body such as potatoes.

2. Lack of exercise

When energy consumption is less than intake, the body naturally hoards fat. Relevant surveys show that because white-collar workers engaged in affairs work have less energy consumption on weekdays, if they do not consciously exercise, "small belly" will appear. Therefore, it is usually best to develop good habits and exercise properly.

3. Constipation

The main root cause of constipation is intestinal dysfunction, and the "little belly" will become larger and larger. Therefore, in addition to exercising more, you should also ensure a daily intake of 350g of vegetables and high-quality, sufficient sleep time.

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