Complications caused by diabetes

on February 16, 2023

Complications caused by diabetes

Today, we will summarize the common symptoms of diabetes.

1. Often thirsty, frequent urination

Especially type 1 diabetes, and later stage 2 diabetes, this situation is more likely. When blood sugar is high, the body will find a way to lower blood sugar, and will call on water everywhere in the body to help the kidneys flush away sugar by draining. In severe diabetes, urine has some sweetness.

2. Weakness, bad spirits, headache

People with diabetes have severe insulin resistance, insulin loses its effect, blood sugar cannot enter the cells, can not supply you with energy. You may experience inexplicable dizziness and headaches. No matter how much sugar you eat, it can't enter your cells and may worsen insulin resistance. When the cells have no energy, you will naturally feel weak and mentally poor.

3. Especially hungry, not full, the same as starving ghosts

Excessive drinking, polyuria, and eating more are the three more symptoms of diabetics. Gluttony is not only the main symptom of diabetics, but also the cause, eating too much, high calories is the main cause of insulin resistance. In turn, insulin resistance can also cause you to be more hungry and gluttonous. In fact, the real cause is not that the patient is hungry, but that the cells are hungry. Think about it, there is so much sugar in the blood, but it cannot enter the cells. The cells are hungry, it will definitely make you eat and eat constantly, and finally, the excess sugar is stored, resulting in fatty liver, visceral fat increase, more and more able to eat, more and more fat. This is the vicious cycle of diabetes.

4. Inexplicably thinner

Diabetes really does not have to be fat, there are many people in China who look very thin, but it is very serious diabetes. Moreover, many people may become inexplicably thin, how to eat is not fat, and it does not look healthy, because diabetics generally have digestive problems and do not absorb after eating. Moreover, insulin not only lowers blood sugar, but also prevents muscle loss and fat breakdown. Especially with type 1 diabetes, or advanced type 2 diabetes, if insulin malfunctions, the body breaks down fat and muscle, resulting in weight loss.

5. Wounds are particularly difficult to heal

Children's wounds heal particularly quickly, however, for diabetics, some small scratches take a long time to heal, which is also caused by high blood sugar. High blood sugar leads to inflammation and impairs the immune system's ability to repair effectively.

6. The vision is severely reduced and the vision is blurred

Blurred vision, not necessarily an increase in eye power, may be high blood sugar, many people find that after lowering blood sugar through a low-carb diet, vision has improved. High blood sugar can easily lead to swelling of the crystals, leading to deformation, resulting in blurred vision. When blood sugar stabilizes, the crystals return to normal and vision returns to normal.

7. The skin becomes dark, especially the neck appears black

The sun can tan you, high blood sugar can also darken your skin, and acanthosis nigricans is a common symptom for diabetics. In 2017, scientists studied adolescents aged 10-18 with acanthosis nigricans. They found that 62 percent of people with acanthosis niger had insulin resistance, and 80 percent of those with obesity and acanthosis nigricans were at the same time.

8. Numbness in the toes, often needle tingling

Sitting for too long or squatting for too long, there may be this numbness and pins and needles, which is normal. However, for diabetics, it will be inexplicable to have such a feeling. Because high blood sugar can damage nerves in the feet, causing numbness and tingling, the medical term is diabetic peripheral neuropathy. This symptom occurs when blood sugar is slightly high, and studies have found that 49% of pre-diabetics and 50% of newly diagnosed diabetics have peripheral neuropathy.

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