Eight foods that are prone to inflation

on December 02, 2022
Inflation is a civilizational disease of modern people, most of the problems come from improper eating habits, including overeating or irregular meals, etc., if you want to stay away from the discomfort of stomach swelling, you can pay more attention from your daily diet, try to avoid overeating the common "8 kinds" of foods that are easy to cause inflation.

8 types of mine foods that can easily cause stomach bloating, as follows:



sweet potato






Instant yeast "bread" should not be overeaten
Among the 8 kinds of rising mine foods, "bread" is the most discussed by netizens, especially commercial instant yeast bread, which is more likely to cause stomach inflation, gastrointestinal discomfort and other symptoms when the dough is not fully fermented. Netizens said: "Diet should be controlled, those foods that are easy to get up, such as biscuits, bread, etc., should be eaten less." Some netizens shared their own experience: "After eating bread in the early stage of pregnancy, I can't eat it, and it is not comfortable to sit and sleep."

"Chinese cabbage" contains oligosaccharides and "sweet potatoes" are not easy to digest
Chinese cabbage is a common cooking ingredient in homes and restaurants, but the oligosaccharides contained in it are not easy to be absorbed after entering the intestines, and are indigestible vegetables, which are easy to cause stomach gas, and nutritionists recommend that people who are prone to inflation should eat less. In order to avoid the feeling of getting angry from eating cabbage, it is recommended that "you can cook it when cooking, cook it for a long time before eating".

On the other hand, "sweet potatoes" are also common mine foods that are prone to inflation. Although sweet potatoes are starches rich in nutrients, they are common on the market and have a variety of cooking methods, but they are also foods that are prone to gas. There are also enthusiastic netizens who remind if you want to eat sweet potatoes, try to avoid eating them before going to bed, it is easy to indigestion and stomach inflation.

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