How does numbness in the feet cause? The reason may be these 6

on January 05, 2023
How does numbness in the feet cause? The reason may be these 6

1. Blood circulation is blocked

When our sitting or sleeping posture is not correct, or we maintain a movement for a long time, it will cause a feeling of numbness in the legs and feet, and the appropriate amount of activity can be relieved after the numbness. This kind of foot numbness is often due to blocked blood vessels, insufficient blood supply leading to ischemia, resulting in foot numbness.

2. Lumbar disc herniation

If foot numbness is accompanied by leg pain, back pain and other symptoms, and sometimes the left foot is numb, sometimes the right foot is numb, this foot numbness is often caused by lumbar disc herniation. Like many drivers who often drive, most of them will have foot numbness, because of the lumbar disc herniation caused by long-term driving, so that the nerves are stimulated or compressed, causing foot numbness.

3. Diabetes complications

Diabetics often have an increase in blood sugar, causing numbness at the ends of the limbs, especially in the feet. High blood sugar tends to damage blood vessels and nerves, and often the lower extremities are more severe than the upper extremities, and if you have diabetes, diabetes should be treated aggressively.

4. Cervical spondylosis

Cervical spondylosis is also a common cause of foot numbness, cervical spine misalignment will compress vascular nerves and other legs and feet numbness, like office workers who sit in the office for a long time, foot numbness may be caused by cervical spondylosis.

5. Arteriosclerosis

Arteriosclerosis is a systemic vascular disease that occurs with age, and people suffering from arteriosclerosis of the lower extremities will have symptoms of foot numbness in the morning, accompanied by cold feet and pale skin. Like the phenomenon of foot numbness, leg numbness, and dizziness after squatting for a long time, it may also be caused by arteriosclerosis, and people with arteriosclerosis in the brain, the brain often has insufficient blood supply, resulting in central nervous system disorders, causing foot numbness.

6. Neurological diseases

Foot numbness is inseparable from certain neurological diseases, such as autonomic dysfunction, which can cause foot numbness and symptoms such as anxiety, dreaminess, and palpitation. In addition, neurological diseases such as measles, tetanus, and diphtheria can also cause numbness in the feet.

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