How to maintain and prevent stomach pain? Let's introduce a few points:

on May 08, 2023
How to maintain and prevent stomach pain? Let's introduce a few points:

1. Timing and quantitative: that is, three meals a day are timed, and when the specified time comes, whether hungry or not. should actively eat. Avoid being too hungry or too full to keep your stomach engaged in regular activity. Each meal should also be eaten moderately.

2. The temperature is appropriate: the temperature of the diet should be "not hot or cold". Otherwise, after the overheated and cold food enters the stomach, it will irritate the gastric mucosa and over time. Easy to cause stomach problems.

3. Chew slowly and slowly: chew the food fully to make the food as "fine" as possible to reduce the burden of the stomach. The more times you chew, the more saliva you secrete, which has a maintenance effect on the gastric mucosa.

4. Drinking water timing: The best time to drink water is when you get up in the morning on an empty stomach and one hour before each meal. Drinking water immediately after a meal will dilute gastric juice, and soup and rice will also affect the digestion of food.

5. Appropriate vitamin C supplementation: vitamin C has a maintenance effect on the stomach. Insisting on the normal amount of vitamin C in gastric juice can effectively exert the effect of the stomach, maintain the stomach and enhance the anti-cancer power of the stomach.

Some people can also cause stomach pain after being stimulated by the cool breeze, so you may wish to eat some fried, cooked or raw peanut rice to help relieve stomach pain symptoms.

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