Problems that insomnia can easily cause:

on December 29, 2022
Problems that insomnia can easily cause:

(1) Depression, anxiety,

(2) It will also affect memory, reaction speed, and overall cognitive ability, and these long-term sleepless sleep will have a significant decline.

(3) Serious long-term poor sleep will also make the body's blood pressure and heart rate regulation show a higher load situation, vasoconstriction and immune function regulation will also appear abnormal, easy to increase the risk of heart disease and stroke.

But the subject does not have to worry too much, there are still many ways to relieve and improve sleep. First of all, it is not recommended to rely too much on sleeping pills, Western medicine can only treat the symptoms, can not fundamentally solve the problem of insomnia, long-term use has side effects. Try the following:

1. After 9 p.m., do not eat, do not drink strong tea, coffee and other irritating things;

2. Keep the sleeping environment quiet, and bring earplugs and earmuffs if necessary;

3, more sun, contact with nature, maintain a good mood, in the period of improving sleep, do not forget to supplement nutrition, good physical fitness, can also help better sleep, especially people who often do not sleep well, do not forget to relieve the pressure of blood vessels and heart at the same time, eat some dietary nutrition, improve immunity and prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, not only can resist the harm caused by poor sleep, lack of sleep, but also strengthen the body, have a better mental state, which is conducive to us to improve insomnia.

4, the most important, do not play mobile phones before going to bed, playing mobile phones before going to bed will inhibit the secretion of melatonin, which is an indispensable substance that allows you to sleep better, so develop the habit of not playing with mobile phones when you go to bed.

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