sacha inchi oil Help improve the three highs problem

on February 01, 2023
With the improvement of social living standards, there are more and more delicacies such as hot pot and barbecue, especially those who like high-temperature fried foods, and will consume more animal fat. High-sugar, high-fat and high-salt foods can induce high blood pressure, high blood lipids, high blood sugar and other problems. Under the pressure of work, many young people often work overtime and stay up late, irregular work and rest, and overeating, resulting in the rejuvenation of the three high problems. Unhealthy eating habits and unhealthy food made of cooking oil have led to more and more serious sub-health problems in the body. Zemvelo Inchi Fruit Oil helps people improve sub-health problems, said Byebye😉

Fat is the necessary energy of the human body, good fat can provide essential nutrients for the human body, ensure the normal operation of body functions, while bad fat will only accumulate in the body, eventually leading to high blood lipids and other three high problems. A high proportion of unsaturated fatty acids and a low proportion of saturated fatty acids are good fats. Good fat intake can degrade bad fat, unsaturated fatty acids can degrade bad fat in the blood, so as to reduce the risk of three highs, blood lipids, blood clots, and achieve the role of vascular health care. Zemvelo Sacha Inchi Oil has a golden ratio of unsaturated fatty acids that can help regulate the three highs.

Sacha Inchi grows in the amasao river forest in myru, the natural and pollution-free fertile soil provides.extremely rich nutrients for this plant,its fruit is rich in oil,of which more than 92% is unsaturated fatty acids, omega 3,6,9 are healtht fats that the human body needs ,which is very suitable for daily dietary health food,can help the body metabolism,promote environmental protection in the body .Concerned about human health, improve and regulate human sub-health problems, Sacha Inchi oil plays a major role. Many people have started consuming sacha sacha to improve their health.

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