Sacha Inchi Oil Q&A

on February 03, 2023
Sacha Inchi Oil Q&A

Q1: Is it good to eat sacha inchi before bed? When is eating most effective?
Because sacha inchi oil is a very safe food, there is no time limit, it is recommended to eat before and after meals, but if you want to make the effect better, you can choose to eat before meals, it will be better to absorb

Q2: How much should I eat inchi oil?
Moderate intake of sacha fruit oil has the effect of improving health, in terms of capsule-type products, its amount is fixed and can be taken two capsules a day one capsule in the morning and evening, which is quite convenient; If you drink Sacha sacha oil directly, you can start with half a spoonful and increase the amount as appropriate after adaptation.

Q3: How to eat sacha inchi oil?
Sacha inchi oil has a low smoke point, so it is recommended to drink it directly, with a cold salad or boiled greens, not suitable for stir-frying, frying, frying and other cooking methods, and capsule-type products are eaten with warm and cold boiled water.

Q4: Can pregnant women eat sacha inchi?
Inca fruit oil is a purely natural plant that everyone can eat. The best time for pregnant women to take it is the second trimester and should not take too much. In addition, people with severe nut allergies should also carefully check whether there is an allergic reaction.

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