Six foods that help drain oil after the Spring Festival

on January 30, 2023
The biggest feature of Spring Festival life is "good food and laziness", and many people have increased their weight and waist circumference after the Spring Festival, and even have gastrointestinal discomfort. In this regard, experts believe that this spring diet is too greasy and lack of exercise, eat the following six foods to adjust the stomach and drain oil.

1.sacha inchi oil Metabolize fat and lose weight
The high-quality unsaturated fatty acids contained in Sacha Sacha oil can help us metabolize body fat and fat, thereby speeding up the body's metabolism, accelerating internal circulation, and helping to lose weight.

2. Apples help eliminate fat

Apples are one of the great fruits and are very low in calories. Apples are rich in dietary fiber pectin, and pectin basically does not contain calories, just passes through the human body, but every time it passes through the human body, it will always take something away, such as fat, oil... It helps to scrape oil and reduce weight while leaving skin brighter

3. Coleslaw suppresses fat
Each meal should have a cold vegetable or fungus algae, one of the purposes of which is to reduce the intake of fat; The second is that it can inhibit the absorption of fat and reduce the intake of fat. There are three reasons: first, vegetables are very rich in vitamins and minerals, which is the main source of vitamins and minerals for our body; Secondly, vegetables are rich in dietary fiber, which can help us eliminate fat; Third, cold vegetables can help us balance the acidity and alkali in the body very well, if we eat some cold vegetables first, and then eat meat dishes, then it will inhibit the entry of a lot of fat.

4. Papaya defatulates and relieves greasy
Papaya contains a papaya enzyme, which can not only break down proteins, sugars, but also fat, which can be said to be the biggest feature of papaya. By decomposing fat, you can remove excess meat, shrink mast cells, promote metabolism, and excrete excess fat in time, so as to achieve the purpose of weight loss! Papaya also has the effect of treating gastroenteritis, indigestion, and preventing cancerous changes in the digestive system.

5. Drinking porridge can reduce fat intake
If you are worried that you accidentally eat a lot of things, then it is recommended that you prepare some porridge and drink a little before meals, so that you do not have much space to eat too much big fish and meat, and at the same time avoid the protein waste caused by eating big fish and meat first. Drinking porridge will increase dietary fiber, help promote bowel movements, and increase satiety.

6. Barley tea removes fat

Barley tea should be said to be a veritable "health drink". Barley tea made from roasted barley contains a variety of trace elements, amino acids, unsaturated fatty acids and dietary fiber needed by the human body, and the sugar content is also very low. The diet during the Spring Festival is mainly greasy and fried food, and it is inevitable that food stagnation and even fat accumulation will be caused after a few meals. And barley tea just has the effect of removing greasy, aiding digestion, invigorating qi and strengthening the stomach. Barley tea also has a unique dietary fiber, the dietary fiber dissolved in the tea, which can take the "garbage" in the stomach out of the body, making people relaxed and healthy, and will not bring any excess calories and burden.

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