The principle of operation of neogenesis metabolism

on December 28, 2022
metabolism is the helper of human health, help the body to achieve a healthy state, do you know the working principle of metabolism? Teach you to adjust your body to its best.

New metabolism is the guarantee of maintaining the order of the body's organs, which allows useful new substances to enter the body and useless old substances to be excreted. Useful substances refer to sugars, vitamins and other nutrients obtained from food, they combine with oxygen entering the body, under the action of various biological enzymes in the body to produce raw materials for cells and energy supply energy, also known as anabolism, at the same time, every cell of our body is frequently renewed and alternating, the toxins are excreted from the body, also known as catabolism, synthesis and decomposition dynamic balance, in order to ensure the healthy circulation of the body

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