There are 3 major symptoms on the feet, indicating that gout has been on the body, go and see if you have it?

on February 23, 2023
Speaking of gout, people who have this disease, or have heard of it, will inevitably feel shuddering. Why? Because the pain it brings is unbearable for ordinary people.

Patients often have this pattern - the first night, eat and drink well, and then sleep peacefully. But in the middle of the night, or at dawn, suddenly the big toe and other joints of the foot are in severe pain, which wakes people up. How much does this pain hurt? The ancients called gout "white tiger disease", which means that the pain is like a white tiger gnawing!

When deposits of uric acid crystals move in the joints, it can trigger neuralgia, severe pain in the big toe, ankle or knee. There is also a tenderness that occurs in the toe area and moves to the knee. This is the most common symptom of gout, and as the condition worsens, the redness and swelling gradually worsens, and this pain can lead to lameness that can last for hours or even days. If foot gout develops to an advanced stage, it will affect the patient's life and work, resulting in foot joint deformity and even disability. In the end, it can hurt lives.

People with gout should develop healthy eating habits

1. Stay away from alcohol and beverages

Drinking alcohol is easy to accumulate lactic acid in the body, lactic acid has a competitive inhibitory effect on uric acid excretion, so drinking a large amount of alcohol can make the serum uric acid content significantly increase and induce gout attacks; Chronic light drinking stimulates increased purine synthesis and increases serum and urine uric acid levels.

2. Limit high-purine diet

This can reduce exogenous nuclear proteins, reduce serum uric acid levels, and is of great significance for preventing or alleviating acute attacks of gout, reducing urate deposition in the body, and preventing the formation of uric acid stones. Foods such as barbecue, seafood, broths, animal offal and soy products are high in purine and should be fasted.


3. Eat more alkaline foods

Increasing the intake of alkaline foods can reduce the concentration of serum uric acid, make urine alkaline, thereby increasing the solubility of uric acid in urine and promoting the excretion of uric acid. Alkaline foods mainly include carrots, cabbage, cucumbers, cabbage, lettuce, taro, spinach, etc.

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