we under the epidemic

on December 02, 2022
We under the epidemic
A sudden epidemic has brought too many changes to our lives and the cities where we live, and it has also affected everyone's life. We will have to learn to live with the virus. We hope that life can return to the state before the epidemic as soon as possible, many good habits have been developed under the epidemic, and we also look forward to life becoming more colorful. Whether you feel it or not, our way of life has quietly changed under the epidemic...
The pandemic has changed – wearing a mask when going out is the norm
For many people, masks were familiar strangers before the epidemic, and if wearing a mask is not a special situation, wearing a mask in your daily life is simply incredible or even incomprehensible, and others may treat you as something else from the heart. However, during the epidemic, you will avoid occasionally encountering a person who does not wear a mask. In many public places, business premises, the majority of citizens wearing masks in and out. After experiencing the epidemic, wearing a mask has become a habit, "Now when I go out, I feel that masks are as indispensable as keys and mobile phones, no matter what the purpose, I think such a prevention habit has been formed." Everyone has become accustomed to wearing masks to go out, and in many citizens' homes, hand sanitizer and disinfectant have become common items.

The pandemic has changed – online consumption is growing
In this epidemic, the great power of online consumption has emerged. During the pandemic, all kinds of donations, all kinds of exchanges, all kinds of things are done online. Many "courier brothers" shuttle through the streets and alleys to distribute daily necessities purchased online for us, solving the trouble of going out shopping and preventing direct contact with the virus.
The pandemic has changed – social influencers are still returning to themselves
Homemade meals are much more delicious than high-end restaurants, and the days spent with the family are not as difficult as imagined, and the leisure time can be very warm and fulfilling. "I used to think that connections and resources were all I had, but now I know that spiritual wealth is no less than the pleasure brought by materials, but I experience more life value."
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