What are the early symptoms of rheumatism? 7 major symptoms to pay attention to

on March 20, 2023
What are the early symptoms of rheumatism? 7 major symptoms to pay attention to

At present, rheumatism has now become a high-incidence internal medicine disease, and the onset of rheumatism will make everyone painful; Rheumatism even affects the patient's normal work and life and self-walking ability; What are the first symptoms of rheumatism?

Symptom 1 of rheumatism: pain

Rheumatic pain is also mainly in the joints, most of which are arthritis pain, which is aggravated at night, and pain in the limbs and trunk may also cause internal organs and nervous system lesions, because rheumatism is migratory.

Symptom 2 of rheumatism: stiffness

It is mainly manifested in the stiffness of the joints, manifested as getting up in the morning or resting for a long time, the joints have a sense of stiffness, which can be relieved or disappeared after activity, which is called morning stiffness. This condition is most pronounced in rheumatoid arthritis and can last for hours

Symptom 3 of rheumatism: joint swelling

Joint swelling generally occurs in painful joints, that is, the location of the diseased joints, and the degree of swelling varies depending on the degree of inflammation of the surrounding soft tissues. May be due to joint effusion or synovial hypertrophy.

Symptom 4 of rheumatism: joint dysfunction

This condition is common in later rheumatism, the diseased joints will be deformed, and their range of motion will be limited, such as the knee cannot be fully straightened, the fingers are twisted and deformed, the toes will also be deformed, etc., and the changes in the shape of these joints are related to the destruction of cartilage and bone.

Symptom 5 of rheumatism: fatigue

Fatigue is due to a decrease or loss of muscle strength. Fatigue often occurs with other symptoms, such as pain, morning stiffness, fatigue, etc., and may not find symptoms until the patient is unable to walk, chew, swallow, etc.

Symptom 6 of rheumatism: fatigue

Fatigue is one of the most common symptoms of rheumatism and can even prevent patients from completing daily activities in severe cases. Fatigue occurs in both inflammatory and non-inflammatory diseases, such as RA and fibromyalgia. These symptoms appear together, due to fatigue, loss of joint function, fatigue, pain, etc., which will lead to impaired joint function, and daily life is greatly affected.

Symptom 7 of rheumatism: fever

Fever is generally before the appearance of rheumatism, there will be irregular fever, but there will be no chills, and the phenomenon of rapid erythrocyte sedimentation rate may occur on examination. For example, systemic lupus erythematosus in rheumatism is the first symptom of fever as the first symptom of the disease. 

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