What's going on with cold hands and feet

on December 02, 2022
What's going on with cold hands and feet

Many people are prone to cold hands and feet in winter, what is the matter with cold hands and feet? To relieve symptoms, first understand what causes cold hands and feet.

1. Kidney yang deficiency. The most common cause of cold hands and feet is kidney yang deficiency, and patients with kidney yang deficiency are prone to feel chills even at normal temperatures.

2. Poor cardiovascular circulation. The cold hands and feet have a lot to do with the blood vessels of the heart, because the blood is sent by the heart, carrying oxygen to all parts of the body, and the sugar can only be oxidized to produce heat energy, and the hands and feet will be warm. Once the function of the cardiovascular system is impaired, it will affect blood flow and cause cold hands and feet.

3. Low blood sugar or low blood pressure. When weight loss is excessive and blood sugar is too low, cold hands and feet will also occur, and when blood pressure is low and blood circulation is not smooth, people are also easy to feel cold limbs.

4. Excessive pressure. Long-term mental tension, fatigue, physical weakness, it is also easy to cold hands and feet.

5. Caused by disease. For example, hypothyroidism, due to the decrease in basal metabolic rate, the body's calorie production is significantly reduced, and even if they wear more clothes in the cold winter, they are always cold hands and feet.

6. Too little clothing. In cold weather, it is especially easy to feel cold hands and feet if you wear too little clothes and are not warm enough.

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