Which are acidic constitutions

on April 12, 2023
Which are acidic constitutions
Stay up late:
Do not sleep after 1:00 p.m., the body's metabolic effect is burned by endocrine combustion, and the toxins produced by endocrine combustion will be many, which will make the physique sour, and usually people who stay up late have a higher chance of chronic diseases than people who smoke or drink. So try to sleep before 12:00 p.m. every day, don't stay up late, if you have to stay up late, once a week! Don't eat meat when you stay up late, try to eat carbohydrates, so that the next day is not very tired, but the damage can be minimized.
Supper family:
Anyone who eats again at 8:00 p.m. is called supper. Eating supper every other day will be tired, can not get up, the liver will also be damaged, because when sleeping, the human organs are low in activity, in a state of rest, so food left in the intestine will become sour, fermented, produce toxins to harm the body.
Breakfast "deserter":
In three meals a day, breakfast is the most important, but many people generally do not eat breakfast, empty stomach in the morning, there is no motivation in the body, will automatically use thyroid, parathyroid, pituitary gland and other glands, to burn tissue, resulting in hyperadenism, physical acidity, long-term leading to chronic diseases.
"Refined Food" family:
Office workers who exercise less and sit in the office all day are most likely to make this mistake, because they eat less, deliberately choose very delicate foods and eat less coarse grains, this kind of person's intestines age particularly quickly, poor liver function, because the lack of fiber in delicate foods will lead to poor intestinal function, or even atrophy, the food you eat becomes a toxin, making your physique sour, and chronic diseases have also begun.
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