Benefits of black tea

on December 02, 2022
Benefits of black tea

First, strong bones. Black tea is harmonious and mellow, and women drink more in winter to help strengthen bones. If you add lemon to black tea, strengthen the bones, the effect is stronger, of course, you can also add other fruits, which can play a synergistic effect.

Second, refresh and relieve fatigue. Black tea has a sweet and warm taste, contains strong protein, can replenish the body, good at storing yang qi, heat and warm the abdomen, refresh and reduce women's fatigue.

Third, the prevention and control of influenza. Gargling with black tea from time to time or drinking indirectly has the effect of preventing influenza;

4. Replenish blood. Black tea is rich in the trace element potassium. After brewing, 70% potassium is soluble in tea. Therefore, black tea is very suitable for women who need blood to drink in winter.

5. Calcium supplementation. It is suitable for women to lose calcium, because drinking black tea can strengthen the blood circulation of the heart, and can reduce the cost of calcium in the body, which can reduce the risk of osteoporosis in women.

6. Supplement flavonoids. It turns out that tea contains thick flavonoids. Brass is the most needed substance in a woman's body, and brass is equivalent to the role of oxidant in a woman's body.

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